Aster Blockchain Consulting, LLC


  • Full Spectrum Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – with my extensive background in I.T. and Blockchain, I can work with and help most any customer with anything related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and really anything technical.
  • B2B blockchain architecture – if you’re a business looking into using blockchain in/with your business, I am able to work with you to architect your project and help bring it to life.
  • General blockchain/crypto consulting – you have a project you want to come to life; I can work with you and anyone needed to make it come to life.
  • I love working with people new to Crypto – it’s always so much fun to talk through what it is, how it works, and what the world can and will do with it.
  • Business Consulting – provide step-by-step instructions from setting up a Calendly, creating YouTube videos, hosting Zoom meetings, setting up payment methods, as well as obtaining legal insurance, tax assistance and much more!


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30 Minutes, 60 Minutes