The Crypto Professor, LLC


  • How to get started in crypto
  • How to use exchanges and move your crypto
  • How to avoid pitfalls and safely store your crypto
  • How to make crypto work for you (staking, master nodes and more)
  • Business Consulting – provide step-by-step instructions from setting up a Calendly, creating YouTube videos, hosting Zoom meetings, setting up payment methods, as well as obtaining legal insurance, tax assistance and much more!



Meet Mike “The Crypto Professor”. “I am a long time college professor who has spent 1000’s of hours researching and investing into Bitcoin and many other crypto projects over the last 5 years. I have traversed most aspects of the landscape and have taught myself how to successfully buy and secure all sorts of crypto assets while setting up numerous passive income streams by making my crypto work for me. Let me help you CHANGE your financial situation like I CHANGED mine.”

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Session Length

30 Minutes, 60 Minutes